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Seamless Engineering for
Digital Substations

Palais des congrès, Paris
25. – 30. August 2024

Empower the Grid – with Engineering Base

Decentralization, digitalization, decarbonization – these are the challenges for an industry currently undergoing game-changing upheaval all around the world. Grid expansion needs to be accelerated and it’s vital the energy transition succeeds. With the help of new digital substations, decarbonization goals should quickly be achieved – but this will involve large-scale remodeling and expansion of grids. These key topics will take center stage at the 2024 CIGRE conference in Paris.

The solution we will be presenting in Paris is the collaborative platform Engineering Base, a ‘single source of truth’ for primary, secondary, protection and control technology. Exceptional consistency, and more efficient and secure working are the aims here – and these are also the essential ingredients for tackling the challenge of energy distribution in the future.

Visit us at the Palais des Congrès – Level 1, S133.

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The whole life cycle of the substation in software

In 2024 AUCOTEC will integrate the definition of control technology as per IEC61850 directly into Engineering Base. That is unique worldwide.
We know all about high standards: for 30 years now, we have been developing definitions and standardizations together with our customers as part of a PTD working group.


Seamless engineering is our top priority at AUCOTEC. Indeed, Engineering Base starts with the single-line diagram, the key source document for primary technology. Secondary engineers can begin their detailed planning much more quickly and completely seamlessly as soon as the first device is established. AUCOTEC’s booth at the CIGRE conference is located next to the Entegra GmbH booth – and for good reason: an Engineering Base coupling with Entegra’s 3D system Primtech already exists.

25 – 30.08.2024

Palais des Congrès - Level 1, S133

Ahead of the CIGRE conference, would you like to find out more about how AUCOTEC and Engineering Base support a sustainable global power supply via energy systems? Visit us in our showroom!

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Get to know our experts:

  • Tim Sausmikat

    Tim Sausmikat

    Major Account Manager

  • Andreas Riedel

    Andreas Riedel

    Major Account Manager

  • Michaela Imbusch

    Michaela Imbusch

    Product Manager PTD

  • Chakir Moullan

    Chakir Moullan

    Global Account Manager


This is what Engineering Base stands for:

Cross-disciplinary engineering and data consistency in an object-oriented data model (single source of truth)

Modular engineering with interdisciplinary typicals and simple variant management

Comprehensive change management throughout all projects

Standardized solutions with low configuration effort and easy scaling options

Come to Paris!

We’re looking forward to making many new contacts, and having fascinating conversations and discussions this summer at the CIGRE Paris Session 2024!